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MN Ardiyanto, President of IPMK4L present at Training holds by IPMK4L for Wira Sandi at BINUS

MN Ardiyanto present at Fire Prevention Plan Awareness Training holds by IPMK4L Chapter Jabodetabekar for Wira Sandi Security at BINUS. This event is supported by Transafe Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Sep 30th 2016 – Greater Jakarta Area suffers from large Fire Incidents in the last months. These incidents took many live and become headlines on the national newspaper and Indonesia’s major online news.

Some examples are the fire at an apartment in Kembangan, West Jakarta; Fire at the dense housing at Penjaringan, North Jakarta; Fire that burns stores at a mall in Central Jakarta; And fire at a famous chain hotel building in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta that took 2 lives. In 2015, total 1482 fire incident occur in Jakarta area. It is increase 11,7% from 2014 with electricity is the most alleged fire source.

This fire prevention plan awareness training is attended by around 50 participants. Participants come from Wira Sandi’s Security from all BINUS’s Properties and building engineering from BINUS.

Ikatan Profesi Mutu Keselamatan, Kesehatan, Keamanan Kerja dan Lingkungan (IPMK4L)/ HSSEQ Association is very concern about fire safety in their member’s workplace. IPMK4L Chapter Jabodetabekar (Greater Jakarta Area) conduct Fire Prevention Plan Awareness training to enhance the competence of their members so they can be more aware to prevent fire incidents.

The Training was held at BINUS Square Hall of residence’s training room at Kebon Jeruk,Jakarta. Also present are IPMK4L’s President Mr. MN Ardiyanto and IPMK4L Jabodetabek’s Chairman, Mr. Yudi Hadiyanto. Present from Wira Sandi is BINUS Security Commander Mr. Ali Usman.

MN Ardiyanto said that he and all committee is very glad that the event runs smoothly. He also thanks IPMK4L Chairman Jabodetabekar Mr. Yudi Hadiyanto, Trainer for this event Mr. Luki Tantra; IPMK4L Training committee members: Mr. Anton Soetopo, Mr. Yasin Budhi Prastomo, Mr. Lambang Kuncoro, Mr. Arif Ismail, Ms. Dwi Alita Nugrahani, Ms. Dinar Tri Windani, Mrs. Mursidah and all participants who take time to attend this training event”.

Transafe Indonesia always opens for the opportunity to support HSEQ association that wants to cooperate with them. This is in line with Transafe Indonesia’s company for supporting and building safety culture in Indonesia: Transafe Indonesia, Safety Culture Transformation


About IPMK4L

IPMK4L stands for Ikatan Profesi Mutu Keselamatan, Kesehatan, Keamanan Kerja dan Lingkungan/ HSSEQ Association. Even though the association is relatively new, the members in their facebook group grow exponentially to more than 3000 member at the time you read this. To learn more or join IPMK4L please go to IPMK4L facebook group


About Wira Sandi

PT. Wira Sandi is Security services company founded on 2001. It’s office lies on Cijantung, East Jakarta. Wira Sandi is an official security service provider under  license Kapolri No. SI / 14 387 / V / 2004. In addition to the security personnel, they also provide  K-9 unit, the unit trained dogs for security support. Wira Sandi has quite bona fide client company. Including ive stars hotel and high end residential.


The BINUS brand name is renowned globally and the company has established itself as a reputable educational institution. It has progressed from its humble beginnings in the 1970s as an information systems institution to now where we are achieving national accolades, awards and prestige.

The BINUS group has a distinguished history; one that has groomed and inspired respectable and successful individuals to contribute and excel in the globalized world that we now live in.

About Transafe Indonesia

Transafe Indonesia is a leading Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Training and Consulting services in Indonesia. Transafe Indonesia held official Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company (PJK3) from Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. Transafe also registered and held SKT MIGAS and SKT ESDM. It is also an authorized competence venue for Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP).

For more information, please contact Transafe Indonesia Business Development at:


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